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Ramblings of a Former 9-to-5er: Why Web Design?

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It’s not easy starting a web design business, well any business really for that matter, not in any shape or form. Not one bit. It requires patience, and a whole lot of grit, true grit, John Wayne style. It’s not for the faint of heart nor the hardcore realist. Those who take comfort in seeing a regular amount of money being deposited into their account every week without fail should steer clear. It’s not for those who reach 5 o clock every evening and completely switch off thereafter. No sir.

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WriteinSite: Our Story

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Welcome to the new WriteinSite Blog page. We hope you enjoy. Here, we will be bringing you news, reviews, opinions, advice and much, much more so check in when you can and see what we have to say. To start us off we thought it would be a good idea to give you some information about us, who we are and what we do etc.