Business Tips

Business – “A strange, twisting path”


I’m not very good at taking constant orders. I never have been. I’m not sure where this stemmed from, or originated but it’s always been there. This probably paints some kind of rebellious leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding cliché in your mind and actually I can assure you that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes I sport a quiff most days but I am as far removed from a James Dean stereotype as you could possibly imagine! I was a studious child, an overachiever for the most part. I liked school and I was happiest when I was reading and learning, attributes that have thankfully remained with me to this day. Anyway bare with me to see where this revelation leads to.

I always envisioned myself doing well at school and college and getting a good job at a big reputable company, and I did all those things to a certain extent. As I grew older however I found myself becoming frustrated. Positions I was in, hinted at a creative outlet within the work environment on paper, but at times that didn’t prove to be the case and that annoyed me no end which in turn shot my enthusiasm and drive down in flames. I would be told to do something a certain way when I knew in my heart that if a certain amount of lateral thinking was applied to the project it could have been done so much smarter and in a more efficient way. Protocol and red tape prevailed in many circumstances and therefore when I was told to do it a certain way it had to be so.

This was one of the major reasons I went into  business for myself I think. I needed to be creative and I needed to make my own decisions and choices about the way I worked. Granted this isn’t a free for all either. As a business you are bound to client requirements and project specifications. I talk more about this here. You can’t just completely wing it, but the fact that this is my own business, where I make decisions and take on the projects I want to take on is liberating to say the least.

So, as a business owner, the work is liberating. I get to pick and choose what projects we work on and with what clients. I make the decisions about advertising and promotion and other campaigns. I can work late one day so that I can personally take time off another day to tend to some other matter. That’s rewarding and in fact when I mentioned going into business for the first time to family and friends they all agreed that it could be a good fit for me.

There are obstacles and difficulties of course. As I mentioned in one of my first posts starting and running a business is not easy at all. Liberation with work items and choice on one hand can often be pretty balanced out by financial struggle, making ends meet, chasing those unpaid invoices and severe mental strain caused by worry and stress on the other.  If you can break through those however, persevere through the noise and confusion, the rewards are substantial. For us here, we’re just about making it through the noise and we have one hand on the prize.

In summary, what I’m trying to say I guess is that running a business isn’t for everybody. If you’re a stubborn sort however and don’t like to be told what to do in most cases, then maybe start looking down that strange twisting path that initially seems to lead nowhere. You’d never know, there might be something at the end of it for you.