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Day 3 – The Fog: 7 Days of Doom Horror Movie Mini-Reviews

A true master of the genre, director John Carpenter could do no wrong in the late 70’s and 80’s. From Halloween, to The Thing and They Live and more besides, the man churned out pure quality for over a decade. The Fog, one of his true classics, came only 2 years after Halloween and tells the story of a small coastal town in California that is haunted by an ominous…you guessed it fog. This isn’t your common or garden fog though. This one brings with it the spirits of an ancient shipped wrecked crew seeking vengeance on a town that did them wrong many years previous.

The movie uses a central gimmick of a radio show broadcasting from the towns lighthouse building, which is inspired and helps crank up the atmosphere and tension no end, the late night presenter reporting on the invading killer fog throughout as we the viewer see what she sees from her elevated vantage point.

A classic horror chiller, given all the more weight and credence owing to the fact that it centres around the tried and tested “Campfire story” setup, The Fog truly is one of the first masterpieces of 80’s horror cinema. Get inside and lock your doors! Bolt your windows. There’s something in…The Fog! Ideal for a cold autumn evening viewing!