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Day 6 – The Invisible Man: 7 Days of Doom Horror Movie Mini-Reviews

In the village of Iping England, a strange figure seeks shelter from a growing blizzard. He finds lodgings at The Lions Head Inn where he hopes to stay in order to find the antidote for his most peculiar condition. One of the classic Universal Monster Movies, The Invisible Man was released in 1933, with English actor Claude Rains in the starring role, to a certain extent!

What’s so inspired about the movie is that the Invisible Man or Dr. Jack Griffin to give him his proper moniker, has already successfully completed experiments in invisibility and is living proof of its success right from the opening credits. This allows the movie to delve into the more interesting aspects of the story, i.e. his struggle to find the antidote and the strange symptoms not just the obvious physical symptoms (so brilliantly portrayed for the time), but the mental symptoms too (the invisibility drug Monocane induces insanity). It’s a breath of fresh air to get straight into the important and interesting aspects of a story as is the case here, especially considering that modern Hollywood would most likely trip over themselves into giving us an unnecessary back story for such a simple tale. A long time rumoured reboot / remake of the movie will no doubt go down that road.

Tremendously acted with hints of traditional British humour, a powerful and unforgettable lead performance and wonderful story telling, you need to watch this along with all the other classic monster movies to show you how revolutionary Hollywood was at the time.