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Web Design Questions: Know your Project before you Start


So you’re thinking of getting in touch regarding web design? Great! By all means give us a call or send an email. I’d be delighted to hear from you. In order to get a “feel” for the potential project or “where you are at” as regards scope and aesthetics, what’s in place already and your technical background, some initial questions have to be asked. Think of it as a short, informal pre-project questionnaire, or some such!

I usually ask about domains; If you have one already, if you’ve bought one, where did you buy it, if you don’t have one, is there any particular one you’ve been thinking about, i.e. or some such? After that you’ll be asked if you have hosting, i.e. somewhere to build/place the website.

We touch upon scope and budget then, where I’ll ask about web size, i.e. amount of pages, amount of products if it’s an e-commerce site, aesthetically are there other sites you like and want to take inspiration from? This will all give a better idea of time and money estimates.

Whether or not you have any content, written, visual or otherwise prepared in advance will obviously have an impact on the project. Without it, you will need our content creation services incorporated into your quote.

Finally I’ll ask about management or after project care. This basically entails the management of your website (recommended if it is an e-commerce site) and/or your social media accounts.

So, if you’re thinking of getting in touch regarding web design, have a think about…

>Domains and Hosting

>Project Scope and Budget and other websites you like

>Whether you have content ready to add to the site

>Management of your site and social media

>Finally, I always like to know where you found out about the business. That helps enormously with ad targeting and business growth!

Hope this helps you somewhat with your potential project. I look forward to hearing more about it.