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Ramblings of a Former 9-to-5er: Why Web Design?


It’s not easy starting a web design business, well any business really for that matter, not in any shape or form. Not one bit. It requires patience, and a whole lot of grit, true grit, John Wayne style. It’s not for the faint of heart nor the hardcore realist. Those who take comfort in seeing a regular amount of money being deposited into their account every week without fail should steer clear. It’s not for those who reach 5 o’clock every evening and completely switch off thereafter. No sir.

Why Web Design?

Then why on earth did I choose this? Why exactly did I start this web design and content writing business? I find myself asking this very question almost every hour of the day, every day. There are many answers, of course, answers that fly completely in the face of regular human responsibility and the old Irish ways of steady sensible career etc. etc. The ones that come up the most I find however are simply to do with freedom and the opportunity to be creative.

Creativity is in my blood, always has been. Yes, I.T. is my thing. I’m qualified in it and have substantial experience therein but for as far as I remember I have always looked for the angle. How can I be creative with this project, task, duty whatever it might have been? I need that and always will. Without that outlet, I get stale and cranky and nobody wants that, least of all me.

Learning to Cycle

So when the thought process started to sway towards starting a business, I got excited. The opportunity to be my own boss was an attractive prospect, as was the idea of remaining in I.T. and having a creative outlet all at the same time and so the decision to start a web design and content writing business came rather naturally.   I thought that maybe this was something I could do, even though I lacked quite a number of the qualities from the opening paragraph of this particular blog. I still do in fact to a certain degree, but I’m trying, learning and building all the time and surely that’s all anybody can do?

It is ironic I find that even though the idea of freedom was a real motivating factor in starting this whole crazy thing I rarely have a moment in the day where it is not dominating my thoughts, whether it be client work, administration, advertising, social media or whatever. It’s a lot, an awful lot to take on mentally, but for now, I’m happy to take that on if it means that at some stage down the road, whenever that might be, I can look back and say ok I took that chance, regardless of the outcome. So, take that chance too if you’re thinking of your own venture. Be brave and scared and silly and grown up all at the same time. Most of all lose yourself in your own creation and learn to cycle without training wheels.