Business Tips

Life is tough..sometimes


Life is tough. It’s full of heartache and stress and what not. I’m actually writing this on the back of some disappointing news for me on a business level. Without going into too much detail, something that I reached for and tried didn’t work out and so an opportunity has been lost for me. C’est la vie right? I can’t deny however that it is affecting me personally. Sometimes it’s hard to adhere to that old cliché, it’s not personal, it’s business? Well it’s personal to me isn’t it!? This is my business, and when an opportunity doesn’t materialise I start to question everything about my business and myself. It’s human nature. Well it’s my nature nevertheless.

Disappointment can invariably lead to anger and confusion. I’m better than that. I didn’t represent myself well, or how can I prove how hard I work, constantly striving to do the best job for a client or business until something is right within the time frame of 30 minutes (incidentally, the only time that was given to me). As a society we are constantly pushed and tested to perform short tasks or examinations as a litmus test for suitable fit for on-going longer work engagements. It’s frustrating. There are giant pools of hugely talented resources out there, eager and hungry for work and for a challenge and yet they are ignored or cast aside because of a convoluted filtering process.

As I think of a way to end this particular short post, I in turn think of how I can get over this rather cumbersome hurdle in my life. I won’t lie. I’m struggling at the moment but I guess I have to take it as a learning opportunity (spot the cliché again) and move on (3 strikes, you’re out!). I have to believe in myself and just because this opportunity didn’t come to pass this time I shouldn’t allow it to dictate my week. I’m better than that and this particular thing doesn’t represent me as a person, who I am and what I can do for a business. I am an individual, born of many complex parts, and learned skills, the unique combination of such construct the mechanisms of me.

In summary this was purely a therapeutic exercise for me but in doing so I hope that you can get some benefit from it too. If you come away from the post with some small little thing that might help you in some way or arguably even better if reading this in general elevated your mood somewhat then I am very pleased. People’s words and advice have helped me no end over the years, whether they were written or spoken. I value them immensely. They make me feel that I’m not living a life entirely in my head, and that there are other people out there too with very similar things going on. That’s comforting in a peculiar way. It may sound selfish, but it’s not really. We take comfort where we can get it and in turn we should offer that comfort and support back whenever we can.