Web Design Advice

Time at last to Redesign and Rebrand


There has been a lot of site redesigning and rebranding here over the last while, so we thought it might be an idea to take a look at that work and gather 3 of the most important or key items that were looked at. These items could be applied to any web design really, from a brand new site to rebranding a tired or old site.

1. Speed / Mobile Friendly

In this super modern hyper-fast age, it is vitally important to have your site running smooth and fast and in particular, ensure it runs well on mobile. The fact of the matter is that we don’t know the exact intricacies of Google’s algorithm for search results, no one does really, but they have stated that mobile friendliness is a huge factor in ranking your site in their search results. Make it quick. Make it mobile friendly. Use tools like GTmetrix and Smush to analyse and fix areas where your site is lagging.

2. Overall Appearance

Your site needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Regular Internet users will very quickly spot something that is “off”, so to speak. If your site looks old or dated, or is employing a design feature that has waned in popularity, a regular user, even without any formal training, will notice that something just isn’t right. Make no mistake, users and customers have become super Internet savvy. It’s your job to ensure that your site holds up well under scrutiny.

3. Content

Your content needs to be concise, informative and to the point. Again, in an age where a user will click away very quickly if he or she is not engaged straight away, your site needs to be doing everything it can to capture attention. Tell them who you are and/or what your business does. Lead them to your services information and contact page. People tend to be put off by large reams of text, especially on a home page. Use a funnel system, where the home page is light but attractive and funnels down into more detailed information pages if the user wishes to explore or “Learn More”. Explain with pictures, icons, infographics etc. and short snappy pieces of text whenever and wherever possible.