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Web Design First Impressions


If you have been following our social media channels over the last couple of days you will have seen us post about design (no big surprise there) but also first impressions. First impressions count. You’ve heard that old chestnut a thousand times over I’m sure. It probably sounds tired and clichéd right? That doesn’t make it any less true though unfortunately. We as humans are victims of the most animal and primordial of mental habits. Infinitely complex and vast and yet at the same time, mechanical, pre-programmed and utterly, utterly frustrating.  Let’s talk about web design first impressions.

Snap Judgements

In our last post we talked about model and mannequin web design. You read that right!? We talked about aesthetics and a website looking good, but also functioning well and I guess you could tie that in with this post somewhat. We as humans are a judgemental bunch. We look and we judge and sometimes that’s virtually automatic (Look for the good thing. Get the good thing. The good thing is better than that thing over there etc. etc.)   We’re on autopilot somewhat and without even being fully aware, our brain has made a decision within a fraction of a second. We make snap judgements about…people, what clothes they’re wearing, what they drive, where they live, what they do. We make judgements about buildings and food and music and…the list goes on and on. You get it.

It goes without saying that a person will make a snap judgement about a website. If that snap judgment isn’t going your way, then neither is that person’s decision.

Instill Confidence and Comfort

Within seconds he or she will have navigated away from your site and clicked the next search result, leaving you for dust. With that being said, it clearly makes sense to have your site up to a certain standard from a design point of view. Turn a casual clicker into an interested browser. Make them want to stay, and read more, explore, learn. Most of all, instill confidence in them, safety and comfort. Make absolutely sure that when they visit your site, they are getting the best possible experience. Convince them that your product or business or whatever it might be, is the best possible choice they could make simply by presenting you or whatever you offer in its best form. Think about it. You don’t go to an interview in ripped jeans, a ragged shirt and your hair still recovering from the previous nights sleep do you? Of course not! That wouldn’t instill confidence in the interviewer / employer.


Do a test. Click into your own site and view it from the eyes of a potential visitor. As difficult as it might be, try and detach yourself from it personally. Granted this is rendered even more difficult if your site is relatively new, or if you have perhaps designed it yourself. It’s in that detachment however that you will see the true representation of you, your brand or business. If you’re not fond of what you see, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! A redesign, new branding and a concrete marketing plan can be set in motion relatively quickly. So remember, yes first impressions are strong, but contrary to popular belief, they do not have to last. Make a bold decision today and ensure that your business or brand is making the best possible first impression online.