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WriteinSite: End of Year Report 2019


And yet another year passes. Days and months crumble like leaves, left to be swept away swiftly in blustery West of Ireland winds. But fear not dear reader, for this is no tale of woe nor regret. Far from it. ‘Tis a tale of designs most magnificent, writing without the frill you read here in this opening paragraph and incandescent dreams of the utmost vivacity and splendour. Read on dear reader, read on.


The work of 2018 has had a domino effect leading to a very successful 2019. The start of this year, January to be exact, saw the release of a major e-commerce system that we had been working on in the latter half of 2018. Its release went as smoothly as can be expected and is gaining huge momentum as we approach year-end. Its main product, a recently re-branded and improved item, has become a major seller and is attracting the interest of customers around the world. We wish our client, who we are hugely fortunate to be working with on an on-going basis, continued success next year.

Indeed our 2nd major release came in Summer of this year, for the same company. Another e-commerce platform dedicated to selling their expanded product range. A brand new system like this can often be similar to a stray pup, left alone and cold on a dark road. It needs guidance, sustenance and constant care and we are pleased to say that the system is gaining ground and going from strength to strength with the help of on-going web management and marketing.

We have continued to work with smaller businesses too and individuals wishing to get on-board the online and social media train and those jobs have been incredibly important to us from a creative point of view. We thank you for considering us as your design business choice this year.


We are continuing to work with a couple of major clients on an on-going basis. Initial design projects have led to on-going business relationships and management contracts for those same design projects. We signed another major client this year for an initial web project and subsequent management and this work will kick off in January 2020. We are also talking to another local client about a web management process for their system next year. We have gained ground as a result of web traffic and advertising but we intend to go heavy in the advertising department in the first quarter of next year.

We had intended to look at other service options towards the end of this year too but thought it best to drop that in light of the volume of client work we had in the 4th quarter.


We are working with some other amazing clients, one of which we have been working with from practically the start of our own business and we are hoping that 2020 will bear the fruits of a lot of hard work and research that were and still are part of that important on-going business relationship. We will strive to expand our on-going contract portfolio, by offering that same service to all clients who currently have project work with us and encouraging others to off load their web services and web management work to us. Likewise we will pursue our social media services heavily at the start of 2020 by increasing our advertising efforts across the board. Again like last year’s forecast, we do intend to look at other avenues for the business in late 2020 with a view to expanding our reach and looking at other interesting design areas that the business could grow into and take on.

Thank you

Thank you to all our wonderful clients, both one-of and on-going. Your choices this year have helped a small local business grow and with more choices just like it next year, we will be in an even better position.

A special thanks as always to family, friends and loved ones at this time of year. Without your constant support, guidance and invaluable advice, this venture would not be where it is now. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Owner and Chief Consultant / Designer