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Ok, so you have your website up and running, whatever it may be? Well what’s next? That depends on your site, what you do with it and your budget. Website management or maintenance is something that can be put off as a DIY task for a lot of people but to do so in some cases is to put your business into serious jeopardy from a financial, time resource or security standpoint. First let’s take a look at what it is and then look at some scenarios.

What is involved with Website Management or Maintenance?

Website  management or maintenance essentially covers 3 broad areas: security, web optimisation, and content. Security involves the monitoring of the security software installed on the site, the update of software and plugins, the changing of user passwords and much more in a lot of cases. Web optimisation is all about keeping the site at a reasonable size, a good loading speed and generally being user-friendly. Content, finally, is about the actual content of the site, the visuals, the design and images, the text, the details, the products. A good website management service can provide all of these and more. Let’s look at some of those scenarios.

Personal Blog or Small Business Presence

Where outsourced web management is not essential.

A personal or small presence is probably the most likely candidate for a DIY web management service. If the web design is of a high quality and is using a content management system, whatever it may be, then there is no real need to be looking at outsourcing this task, unless I.T. is completely not your thing and you need someone to take care of this perhaps tied in with content writing and social media services.

Corporate Presence or Medium Sized Business

Where website management or maintenance is recommended.

A business or company is ever changing, as regards style, content, features and offers to name but a few. Your website therefore should reflect your business or company in its current form and that means having someone there to manage your site and keep it up to date. Without this crucial and necessary service, customers are finding and looking at a dated representation of you, your business or company, almost like looking at an old photograph, when essentially it should be a live feed video, current and cutting edge.


Where website management or maintenance is highly recommended.

Whether it’s in-house or you are outsourcing, web management for something like an e-commerce store is an essential part of your on-going operations. Website management is there to protect you and your customers and in turn provide a safe and smooth buying experience for the user. An average e-commerce site will need security certificates, security software and the monitoring of such, regular back ups, product management, voucher and coupon campaigns, content editing. These are just some of the tasks involved in running a successful e-commerce system and without a proper management system in place your business will crumble. It’s that simple.


Web management for your business is an essential service for the on-going smooth running and operation of your website, especially if it is an e-commerce setup as we have discussed. Without it, your site is vulnerable to hacking and malware activity, spam, speed and optimisation issues and so much more. Contact us today and find out more about our competitive website management services that can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your business.