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Finishing up a Web Design Project – Web Design Tips


Web Design Tips So you’ve done the hard work. The design and content is in place and everything looks nice, in your opinion at least. So where do you go from there? We have a routine that we have stuck to pretty much since we started this wild trip and it essentially boils down to 3 things.  Here are some more of our web design tips.

Test and Review

Once we’re happy with the way things have gone with a web design project we go into testing. Testing obviously depends on the type of project. If it’s a standard business presence web project for instance, we test for aesthetics, and functionality across different devices and screen resolutions, checking how responsive the site is. If you don’t know, this means testing that the site looks and acts properly across different devices. It may look slightly different on a mobile phone screen as apposed to a desktop screen. We consider this our Alpha Testing phase, where essentially it’s us testing the product and finding problems. E-commerce or online shops are a whole different ball game. We’ll discuss that in a future post. Once we’re happy with testing we send it out to the client for review. The project at this stage is still on a development platform and may or may not be locked with a password. It depends on the project. This could be considered our Beta Testing phase, where the product is getting into the hands of an end user, in this case the client.

Update, Test and Review Loop

We await feedback from the client at this stage and of course while we’re doing that we are away working on other stages of other projects. It’s all one big loop! We update the site based on the client review. We go through another round of testing and yes you guessed it, we send it out for another review. This loop continues until the client is happy with the product. Google Search and indexing work starts once the loop ends.

Index and Settle

Once our client is happy, we await final payment on our invoice and then we go ahead and do our final indexing work. The project has been “settled” and is pinged for indexing on Google. That’s it. In a nutshell, that’s how we approach the endgame of a project for our clients. We hope there’s something there that’s informative or can help you in your own particular project.

Make sure to check back regularly for more web design tips like this How to start a web design project.