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WriteinSite: End of Year Report 2018

WriteinSite: 2018 Report

And so we come to the end of another year and our 2018 report. This has been our second year in business to be exact and what a year it has been.

Quite often I drift into the scenario of “What will life be like in 6 months, a year, 5 years”. I don’t know if it’s a habit or trait or how one would classify it necessarily? I do know however that as a result, possible futures and “What ifs” have haunted me most of my adult life.

This year however their ethereal presences faded and it took the ringing of Christmas bells to remind me that they were no longer an ever-present entity. This was not a bad thing. Some ghosts are good ghosts contrary to popular belief and are there to help push and fuel ambition. Their lack of presence told me that perhaps I am now safely walking down a road that up until now, I believed they were taunting me with.  I was wrong. They were not taunting, but merely pointing and I have followed their directions.

Enough however of frilly and laboured Dickens analogies. Let us regale you with tales of web design and writing.


This year has been a massive success for the business. It started all the way back in January in fact, so you could say 2018 went off with a bang. Since then significant projects and contracts have materialised with some truly impressive clients and companies, some of whom, we are delighted to say, have formed a very strong working relationship with, which in turn is leading to on-going outsourced work for the business. January 2019 in fact will see the initial fruits of that labour brought to the public. The last quarter of 2018 has been very busy and the skill of multitasking that every male lies about in an interview scenario has actually come to the fore. So much so in fact, that the blunted edge of its blade has tasted the rough surface of a rigorous sharpening stone. So be it.


This year in general has seen a steady increase in queries, interest and online traffic to our different platforms, which is amazing. We are ranking extremely well in online searches for our terms associated with the business and terms associated with our service portfolio as well, a rare feat considering our short time in business. Work has been constant, varied and very rewarding. We have worked extremely hard on many projects, and are continuing to do so ensuring that clients get the very best value for money. “Better than I expected” was a term used regarding one of our projects this year and indeed it is one of the terms we work towards. We want clients to be not just satisfied, but surprised. We strive for perfection and detail in every job and anything less than that will absolutely not cut it. Not around here sir. No way.


The New Year will see some slight changes to our services and the promotion of some existing services even further. As well and if the current pattern of growth continues we are even looking at expanding our service portfolio in late 2019.

Thank You

We’d like to thank our clients this year for choosing WriteinSite. We know that next year will be an even better one. A very special thank you to families and loved ones as well. Without your constant support, all this would not be possible. Sending off 2018 in style and let’s look forward to 2019 with even greater drive and passion.


Owner and Chief Consultant / Designer